Believe us, we’re passionate about Churros – and chocolate!

Starting off with a single store in Melbourne’s CBD, Spanish Doughnuts has grown exponentially in the last 3 years. We now have 7 stores, including one international store, opened and a few more in the pipeline!
Our goal at Spanish Doughnuts is to bring the taste of Spain’s famous churro to the world in a new and innovative way. We offer a range of products from the plain sugar coated Traditional Churros to our Deluxe, Gourmet and Premium ranges.

We pride ourselves in the freshness and high quality of our products and want nothing more but to share our love for churros with the world.  Aside from offering a modern twist on an ancient treat Spanish Doughnuts makes their products in Australia with 100% Australian products.

Some of our most recent achievements have put us on the map.

  • We are the first churro company to offer home delivery and office catering
  • We are the first churro company to be open 24/7
  • Spanish Doughnuts created a world first in the World Churro Eating Competition which has been held twice in Melbourne with Sydney being the next destination
  • Spanish Doughnuts is a great supporter of the community and through the World Churro Day raised money for the Lord Mayor’s Charity Fund
  • Our recent store opening in China has moved us into international franchise territory
  • We are the first churro company in Australia to be HACCP certified
  • Our churros are 100% Australian made using fresh Australian products with no preservatives or additives and are not imported like our competitors

If you wish to keep in touch with us find out about new products, new store openings and all things churro related, join us on Facebook or Twitter.