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The Unique Spanish Doughnuts Way

Australia's first producers of the Churro, our fluted sticks are lighter and fluffier than a normal doughnut, and served with a variety of rich chocolate sauces and melt in your mouth fillings - churros are the true taste of Spain - They're delicious and exciting and more than a little seductive.

We cook to order and our menu includes a range of traditional, filled and savoury Churros including snaks, beverages and meal combination choices.

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The History Of Churro The Spanish Churro legend

Let us take you back hundreds of years to the windswept mountain grasslands of Spain. Here nomadic shepherds tend the prized Churra sheep. Robust and productive, Churra are the favoured Spanish breed.

For the mountain shepherds Churros soon became a daily staple. Originally similar to a bread stick, they were eaten plain or rolled in cinnamon sugar. The traditional star shape has developed over time. This ensures the fluffy inside texture is cooked through and gives the outside its crispness.

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