Stock and Serve Spanish Doughnuts

Frozen Uncooked and Pre-Cooked Wholesale Churros – 100% Australian Made – Free Delivery in Melbourne*

Is your current churro supplier HACCP accredited?

Spanish Doughnuts is the first and ONLY churro company in Australia to be HACCP accredited. For more information about Spanish Doughnut’s accreditations please visit our certification page to view copies of our certificates.

100% Australian Made

If you’re not buying your churros from Spanish Doughnuts, it’s not Australian Made. We at Spanish Doughnuts are offering you the best quality Australian Made churros in Australia. If you are using another supplier we will cut up to 50% off their going price. Our churros are fresh and not imported, ensuring you get the best value.

Not ONLY are our churros delicious Australian Made, our fresh churros are made when ordered and not imported to be resold. Spanish Doughnuts are a proud support of local and fresh produce and all our products are made 100% using local Aussie ingredients. All of our churros are preservative free and also additive free.

Along with experience in both wholesale foods and catering supplies, Spanish Doughnuts can provide you with an efficient and friendly service and a tasty, easy to prepare treat that will make you and your customers smile!